Published: 2019-12-28

I sought the lords and asked the night,
“Why must you keep my binds?”,
But heard no clarity hence.

I fought the war, platonic blight,
The demons that inhabited inside.
Victory, lost to me in a trance.

I brought to autumn the death of light,
And cast the shadows that chaos finds,
When I fell prey to a somber dance.

Patiently fighting back my fright,
You stood alight, my broken mind,
Incorporated. Renewed, my stance.

            Fortune, or heaven sent you,
            or me in healing,
            the universe, perchance.
            Casting kindness into form, it matters not,
            I’m reborn,
            a life inside carbonic steel that drove this plot.

Love. Love. Light, in towers of defense,
Salvation atop. Utopia, the risen,
My heart succumbing to warmth.

These yellow ink blots…

I rode to peace, torches red, full of light,
I rode from ruin and the fall of minds,
Love! Love! Call the heavens, this radiance.

We’ll take the truth, no matter the cost,
Fight, dance, alight, never winter.
Bright, yellow ink, together, ever spring.