“We're offended by the intent behind [words]”

“We're offended by the intent behind [words]”

Published: 2020-01-18 | Original publication date: 2018-02-26

It’s easy to get sidetracked from the topics that truly matter. I was pleasantly surprised to read the following in today’s Future Crunch:

Perhaps more importantly, we think that if you’re going to have a list of things you’re going to get upset about, then bad language should come in near the bottom. For our part, we’re not offended by words. We’re offended by the intent behind them. We’re offended by hypocritical politicians who spend years promoting family values while using taxpayers’ money to carry out double lives. We’re appalled that glaring gender pay gaps still exist in the 21st century, and we’re disgusted by humans who discriminate against other humans on the basis of sexuality, race or nationality. We’re outraged by the actions of anti-vaccine campaigners and climate deniers whose unwillingness to critically examine their personal biases ruins the lives of current and future generations.

We’ve spent years insisting that there are far more important things for people to worry about than bad language, and were all set to dig in harder after our most recent round of criticism.

Source: The Crunch # 54

Fake news is harmless in certain contexts. When used to discredit actual facts, the term becomes pure evil. But don’t get distracted by the words themselves, focus on the dishonesty.