Published: 2019-07-18

The simple, colorful emoji, a check-mark: ✔️.

For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been on a streak:

  • I wake up and tick off my morning habits.
  • I arrive at work and complete my main tasks for the day.
  • I clean my inbox.
  • I keep my Things app organized.
  • I go home and tick off the final daily habits.

With each success, a check-mark. A blue circle, a green box, housing a humble, white check-mark. And from each victory, a new kick of dopamine, reconnecting me with my sense of achievement.

It’s a little fake, perhaps mechanical, as if my brain ran on icons. Even so, the tiny chemicals make me happier. The check-marks become a symbol of leaving behind my darkest days, graven images, minute statues in homage to my well-being.

Getting things done. Today, I’ll finish around 16–20 things and habits, and tomorrow the achievement will keep me an extra step away from low spirits.